17 March, 2011


I bought some fiber from Creatively Dyed when I was at Rhinebeck in October.


It is at the top, the blue braid. It is Merino/bamboo/seacell blend in the Po color way.
I decided to play with the new bulky flyer on Roo and see what yarn this would produce. As a single it was about worsted weight and I loved it but I did not feel it was well enough spun to stand up as a single by itself. So I pulled out a ball of CVM that I have had since the beginning of my spinning days almost three years ago.


This also spun up about worsted/Aran weight as a single.
As I like blues and browns together, I decided to ply them up.
Here are my results:

332 yards of bulky spun

It has to be soaked and thwacked still, but I love it.
Now what am I going to do with 332 yards (16 oz) of bulky yarn?

I also spun up the Phat Fiber box that I had received to review on the podcast.
King Tut confronted me like I hacked up a fur ball when I laid it out to be photographed.

Did you have a fur ball mom?

It really is lovely and I will get better pictures of it. So soft and glittery with all the samples spun together. It came out to 60 yards of thick/thin art yarn that I need to figure out what to make from it.


Taleah said...

That blue/burgandy up in the corner is BEAUTIFUL! :) I'll have to add spinning to the list of things I'd like to learn!

Andrea said...

Double it up and make a wham bam thank you lamb!