13 January, 2011

A Froggin' I will go

I finished knitting my Effortless Cardigan today. It is a beautiful sweater. However this beautiful sweater does not work well on my body type.

Effortless Cardigan

It made me feel larger than I am and in this I knew I would not wear it. The hanging bits at the front were very bulky and Lord knows the last thing I need more of is a pooch in my front. I have also; with this sweater figured out I do not like things that are not straight. I like sweaters that have the same length front and back. With so much making me not happy, I ripped off the collar, the bottom bands and the bottom of the sweater. I frogged back to the arm holes, where I had been instructed in the pattern to cast on extra stitches to the front of the sweater. I now have all the stitches, without the extra ones, back on the needle and I am knitting straight down to hip length. There I will add three inches of ribbing. Then I will pick up the front and collar and knit at least a 3 inch ribbed band, if not 6. I will see how it looks and how it fits as I go. I do not want to have buttons on this sweater, or a zipper.
The yarn is wonderful, Moda Dea silk n' wool, though each skein had at least one knot in it. I do not see why this is necessary, but it is not enough of a problem for me to really complain about. I just wish manufacturers would do quality control on their products. It is soft and very warm when I put the sweater on. It is holding up to the frogging too.
I think I will like the sweater much better as I have it planned out in my head now.


wooliegirl said...

Oh, it breaks my heart that you put all of that work into the sweater and wasn't thrilled, but I completely understand! Though, your mind is much better than mine to be able to make your own pattern and adjustments.

I would just be in the floor crying :) And I think I saw you on a Let's Knit2gether video podcast!!! It was the one from Rhineback, I believe the "extras" one....there were shots of the Ravelry meetup...

Coggie said...

yes, Lorrie and I were in the background. I think I was talking with the Savvy Girls then.