09 January, 2011

Week in Review

This week started out with a chiropractic appointment.

The culprit,

Sparklets bottle

I crocheted around it years ago so the kids could not see how much change was in the bottle. I think it is Bernat Super Saver in Camo.
I picked up this old glass Sparklets bottle. It had tons of change in it and in doing so, I threw out my back. This was not fun. As soon as I had the money in the bank, I called the doctor and got in and adjusted. I am feeling much better now but still not up to lifting more than 10 pounds.

This is the week I planned to clean the house and get organized for Sarge's leave. Because I am not able to bend and lift much, I received help from my MIL and Boo. They were awesome in helping, but there is still much to do, that only I can do, so the effort is on going. One day my house will be clean, and stay that way. Yeah, one can dream.

I took Saturday off from cleaning and heading down to Dena's house for a fiber day. I so needed this!
Here she is with her wheel.

Dena at Spinning day

Her house is beautiful and the room for spinning is warm and inviting. Lots of laughter, a bit of gossip and lots of bitching..in my opinion a perfect day!

In order to get there, Jenna picked me up on her way down from Muskegon. Yes, I am a wuss when it comes to driving in the snow. Though once we got out of my park, the roads were clear.
Here is Jenna and her little guy, he is a perfect angel.

Jenna at Spinning Day

I got to meet up with a friend I haven't seen in a while. I miss knitting with her each week, but hopefully this year we will see more of each other.

Lori at Spinning Day

She read about me complaining about my dpn's on Twitter. I had broken my 5 inch needles on Christmas eve. The only ones I had to use at home, were 6 inch needles and really, I don't like knitting with them. I like the shorter length. She has switched to magic loop for her socks, so she gave me her sets of 5 inch sock needles. Much love here, Thank you!


Also at the party was the owner of Lake Effect Alpaca Farm (bad with first names)and Susan. Here Susan is teaching the owner how to knit. She plays with fiber and with the animals and now she is able to use all that lovely fiber. We also taught her how to spin on an Ashford Country wheel.

A new knitter is born

I was also able to pick up some of her fiber. I think I also talked her into coming to the market that I will have at the retreat in November. MMMM local fiber!
I am thinking I will use this to make the Kilkenny Shawl.

Lake Effect Alpaca

I also picked up fiber from Crown Mountain Farm that Jenna was destashing. Love the colors!

Crown mountain Farm

Because of my back, I did not take my spinning wheel. I worked on my Effortless Cardigan instead. I think they named it the Effortless Cardigan to fool you into to thinking it was a quick knit. I will tell you this sweater has taken me twice the time I thought it would. LOTS of stockingette stitch and increasing/decreasing, so though it can be thought of as effortless, it takes a lot for me to sit and knit on it. I am glad I am now knitting on the second sleeve. Well, when I can get King Tut to let me knit on it. He loves to sleep on this sweater. I might have to make him a small matt for his kitty bed out of the leftovers.

Effortless Cardigan

There is my week in review. Now back to cleaning.

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wooliegirl said...

I hope you are doing better. (I love my chiropractor!) I am so envious of your spinning group. If I wasn't waayyy down here in North Carolina I would crash it and dig into those destashing swaps ;)
Please take care of yourself!