14 November, 2010

Supervisor Tut

Tut: "Mom... you need a new desk. This one is old and is always a mess."
Spot: "Looks like too much work for mom to do herself"

Looks like too much work to me
Tut: "I am supervising. Looks to be going good so far"

Tut is helping
"I talked mom into renting a man and getting Boo to help too!"

Screwing the knob
"She is happy to help...when money is involved"

knob is good
"Looking good. Internet works"

"It is smaller than I pictured in my kitty brain. Where will mom put her stuff?"

" Oh! Idea! Take drawers from old desk, put trays on top and set beside the new desk."

"Temporary fix until mom can go shopping for smaller side drawers. I think it looks ok and is much cleaner than the last desk. I can sit here and help mom while she does her computer stuff. Oh look..mom put a picture of her and dad..plus part of the deployment rock collection on the tray"

"Job well done"

Good Job!
"This has been hard work!
Can I have a Kitty treat now?"


~RaenWa~ said...

Tut & spot are so cute. I love your new computer desk. I need to invest in something like that to keep things neat & clean.

knittinwolf said...

Awesome desk! Love the post! Hope they all got lots of treats!

Rianna Bethany said...

awwww these cats are sooooooo cute!!
Rianna xxx