13 November, 2010

Going places

And seeing things.

This last Thursday, I went to Grand Rapids to see the Diana Exhibit. It was touching and graceful, just like the woman that is showed.
No pictures were allowed once inside, but we took this one outside.


If you go, pay the $5 for the audio tour. It is conducted by her brother and adds so much to the experience.

We were also able to see the winner of Art Prize..here we were able to take a photo. It is all hand drawn with an H2 pencil. Looks like a photograph until you get right up to it. Wonderful!

Art Prize winner

After, we were hungry for lunch...Decisions!!
Around the GRAM are the BOB (Big Old Building), a small Mexican place, an Italian place and a Greek place. We decided on Greek. I am so glad we did!!
Parsley Mediterranean Grille

Parsley Hommus

Chicken Shawarma special


We also picked up Baklava as a dessert treat. YUM! (yeah, no photo)

On Friday, I headed down to Holland to see a friend for knitting/spinning and we took a trip to Saugatuck. I needed to get more wine in my house before winter sets in. Priorities and all.

I bought:
4 bottles of Peach honey & Spice
2 Bottles of Cranberry
1 bottle of Red Current
2 bottles of Ice Wine
2 bottles of sweet red
1 bottle of Simi sweet red

Yes, the bottles are upside down on purpose. It keeps the corks wet until I can get them on my wine rack.

After, we headed to The Butler for lunch.


The view was wonderful

I had never been there, so I ordered their special, Open Face Butler Burger. It is a burger with cheese and ham on it all on top a piece of Texas toast.
Very flavorful.

The open face butler

Now I am home, catching up on stuff I should have been doing while I played.

Just one more day to get in on the drawing for yarn, check out November 4th's post.

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