07 October, 2010

Michigan Iced

When the Knitty First Fall edition came out, I fell in love with the pattern Iced.
I had an upcoming interview for the podcast planned with Marr Haven Wool Farm and I thought their wool would be perfect for this sweater. I was so right!

I started it right a way.


When I was knitting the sides, I changed to an A-line design from the waist shaping it called for.
Pre-blocked sweater


Also I changed to a zip closure instead of the buttons, which would look funny on my round tummy.

I crocheted the two fronts together with waste yarn,

Crochet together

Laid the zipper on to position

lay zipper on

Pinned the zipper in, then undid the crochet so make sure the zipper did not catch on anything.

pin zipper down and sew in

I then hand sewed the zipper in with a straight stitch along the zipper part and a whip stitch on the outer edge of the zipper ribbon.


I am very happy with how the sweater came out!!

Iced back

I will be wearing at at Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and wool Festival). Look for me, I am a bingo square!!

Also, there is a podcaster meet up on Sunday of the Festival. Noon on the grassy knoll above #13 on the map. Hope to see you there!!


VeganCraftastic said...

It looks great on you! Nice job on the zipper too!

knittinwolf said...

What a great sweater! Love it and it looks fabulous on you! Awesome job...the zipper gave me goose bumps! Great job you make it look easy!

JavaNut said...

It looks great!!! One more for the queue for when I can knit again... :D

Hannah said...

Lovely sweater!
when you talked about putting the zip i cringed- i hate zippers just with a sewing machine- icouldn't even think about doing it by hand!
beautiful work!

wooliegirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous sweater! Looks great on you!

Coggie said...

Thank you!