11 October, 2010

First Fall Colors

I love Autumn.
To me, it is like the trees put on their fancy pants before going out to the party of Winter.
These are pictures from around my house.

Behind my house
take 2
Down my road
These are the first to change colors, more to come.


knittinwolf said...

oh wow, thanks for posting these pics...you know I never get to see leaves change here! Just gorgeous! We have summer/cool/summer!:( Almost had to get hold of you yesterday because James and I couldn't remember the name of the club on Ave I....finally remembered, Smoke Eye! Torn down and nothings there now.

Coggie said...

oh my gosh, it was torn down!! Many Sundays spent there danicing. Only place in town for underage to have a blast. Well, other than the BLVD, the damn and the old road ;) Wow, times change. Is Buffalo Club/West & Co still on Division? Or Schooners? (Used to teach country dancing at Schooners)