18 May, 2010


Day 5
This week I watched my husband leave to do his dream. He has been activated to serve in Afghanistan for the next year. At the deployment ceremony that was held the day before they left, one of the speakers talked about ways of saying Good-Bye.
I have always held that I never say Good-Bye. To me that is final, you say Good-Bye when you are at a funeral. You say Bye when you wish to see that person again. However, this speaker went on to tell the root of the words and what the true meaning behind them are. I love learning what root words are so I know how to use the main words in better context so here is what I learned:
Good-Bye from God be with ye (you)
Farewell from Fare thee well
Shalom meaning safe or complete
These are antonyms of a wish of good will. Meaning that you really do hope to see this person again.

So, I wish my husband and his unit God Speed and Good-Bye.


Katie O said...
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Katie O said...

God Bless you and your hubby and your whole family. Hang tough, we are here for you and please use us! I know I leaned on mine when Jeremy left (and he just went to NM for 11 months) I have faith in Sarge's safety and your strength, hang in there and we'll hear you soon :)

maerillem said...

Wishing good luck to the Sarge too! My husband's been in Afghanistan for a week and since he left from Germany (I'm still in Grand Rapids because I wanted to finish my degree) I didn't get to go to any ceremonies or anything like that. When he left I wasn't even sure if he was leaving or just being vague on Facebook lol Do you know if there are any local support groups or anything around here?

Coggie said...

Sure. Major frg at the 44th st armory in GR. Or email me at coggietm at hotmail dot com and I can get you in touch with our frg or keep you on list for emails of happenings that get planned around here. Several of our unit spouses are in west Michigan and we are planning meetups. I can get you the info if you want. Support is key for those left behind. Contact me anytime. HUGS !!!