21 May, 2010

Wandering of my writing

Day 8~

As you all read, I Blog. I am not an English major. I do not write normally in a way that is easy to read, but in the way I talk.I wander around posting what I feel I would want someone else to read. This is easy in a non-emotional way. I can skip days I don't feel like writing or am too busy to write and it is okay. I do not blog about one thing, but about different things that relate to my life. While my husband is deployed, we agreed to each keep a daily journal about what our life is and what we are doing. I seem to have writers block so far. I know he wants to know my feelings each day, but putting them down on paper is hard. For some reason, I can write on the computer, yet when I pick up pen and paper I am having a tough time. Yes, I have written in the pretty journal we bought, with the nice pen picked out just for the occasion, but I am not sure I am getting what I am feeling across. I know he will want to read this journal when he gets home, I just want it to be what he will want to read. Maybe that is my problem. I am writing for him instead of me. My journal needs to be for me, but what he will read in the end.


JavaNut said...

what a great commitment to each keep a journal... my pastor kept journals for each of his daughters and then gave them to each girl on their 18th bday (multiple journals per daughter!). I thought that was the sweetest, most meaningful thing ever!

And you're right... you can't write genuinely if you're thinking about what he'll think/want when he reads it. He'll love no matter what you write because it will be the "you" that he missed while he was deployed.

livin4fishin said...

Awesome!!! I too have the issue of journaling in a journal. maybe try journaling on the computer and then print it on pretty paper when it's time to read. I did this during my first pregnancy because I'm just not a writing writer!

Enjoy your journal adventure! It will be neat to read when Sarge returns!

sandy l said...


I hope that you're journaling is coming along better. Before you start to journal, try writing 3 pages of "morning pages." This is from Julia Cameron's The Artist Way. Also, there are a few books about journaling that may "jumpstart" your journal entry.