04 May, 2010

Knit-a-Way 2010

You can listen to the podcast recorded at the retreat here High Fiber Diet, Episode 70.

I needed this weekend. It could not have come at a better time than two weeks before my husband deploys. The stress level at the house had gone from 20 to 140 in a matter of 5 days and we were at each others throats. With this get a way, I was able to relax and enjoy life for a bit and Sarge was able to decompress at home. I will tell you it was a bit odd to be the one leaving with the car and not the one waving goodbye when I left. I guess seeing it from the other side makes me appreciate it a bit more. My MIL went with me and it was a great time to just talk on the drive over and back.
The retreat house we went to was a large (read can sleep 35 comfortably, if you have air mattresses for the basement). The only downside I saw was the water pressure in the kitchen. Other than that it was FAB!
This is what we pulled up to on Thursday night, after driving 4 1/2 hours to get there. Well worth it!

Front Door

This is the side that faces Lake Huron. Beautiful views and wonderful breezes all day long.

Back of house

The event was wonderful!


We had a good time, met new friends, talked, laughed and just relaxed. We went to Mary Maxims on Friday after I had a massage for over an hour. I felt so good. On Saturday I was a bit sore but it went away. Lorrie and I went to Hobby Lobby and then headed to a wonderful restaurant for lunch on Saturday afternoon. The best Pizza I have had in a while. When I go back next year instead of carting food across the state, I am ordering take out from here. OMG good!! We really didn't need to go out for lunch that day, as there was an overload of food at the house. All women who know how to have a good time. We drank, yes I brought Scrumpy's and it was gone on the 1st night. After that I drank margaritas and water, with a few Pepsi's thrown in. One of the other retreaters brought the best granola I have had in a while. Homemade and only 1 point on WW for a 1/2 cup YUM! I hope she posts the recipe soon, I want to make some. I will link it when she does. Both Friday and Saturday nights we had prize drawings. I walked away with yarn, a butt/overall bag full of stuff, a sock bag and more yarn. Quite happy with my haul, though I could have done with bringing back less stuff than I took. As it was both MIL and I had extra bags and had an over stuffed car.
I am not going to post oodles of photos here, but instead you can go look at my flickr page. The page has both photos of the house, view and all the goodies I picked up, won or swapped all weekend.
I am signed up for next year, just need to send a check for the deposit before I forget.
Now it is back to the grind and getting ready for Sarge to deploy, Boo to graduate and me to at least pass my classes.

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