09 May, 2010


Things have been going at warp speed here, so I am combining all the recent events in one post.


Boo's senior Prom was April 24th.

After Prom was where they let their hair down and really had fun.

We Also had the Sarge's See-ya Event.

Sarge & I


I took lots of photos, but some people feel funny about having their faces on my blog, so I am not putting them up. If I took a photo with you and Sarge, I will get you a copy if you want.

We finished out the evening with a bonfire. I just like the way the photo came out.


I wish I could figure out my daughters camera though so the date stamp didn't always come up.

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annmarie said...

Hey, Coggie, here's how you figure out your daughter's camera: you hand it to her and say, "here, hon, figure out how to get the date stamp off the picures, will ya?"

seriously, though, beautiful family shots. love the smiling faces. :)