02 April, 2010

Fat, married and covered in cat hair

Yes, it is a play on words of the book.

The Fat Part:

Yesterday I started Weight Watchers. I really need to get healthy and this is how I decided to do that. I had thought of joining HHM, but decided against it. I want to be able to cook. I love to cook, so why would I give that up for a whole year? With weight watchers, I can still cook, but I can learn to make better choices, learn what an actual portion is and learn how to track both food and exercise for a better me. I think I made the right decision for me. If you are on the WW community, my name is again CoggieTM there. Just look me up. I am still getting my bearings, so I need some hand holding.
Boo is going to do the program with me, she wants to loose a couple pounds and this, plus the exercise program her biological sent to her for her birthday, should be a good start. I also like the idea of us being partners. That means we can keep an eye on each other and encourage one another. We have decided to walk tonight, not sure if it will be an everyday thing, but as long as the weather permits, that is my exercise of choice. I am still wiggling in the mornings though, I can't convince Boo to join me in that.

The Married Part:

Sarge is home this week. Yes I said week!!!
I am so happy to have 7 straight days and nights with him. This sounds odd, as most married people are together most of the time, but in the last 3 months I have seen very little of my husband. The Army is keeping him busy, he is happy, but I have been feeling as if my right arm was removed. This week we are going to work on that and get things so that I can cope for the months he will be gone soon.

The Covered in Cat Hair Part:

The suspects:

Mug Shot Mug Shot

The Crime: shedding all over Casa Coggie.

The sleuthing process: Orange and black cat hair found on all furniture, clothing and in air. Problem drinking anything from a glass that has sat longer than 2 seconds because it will contain cat hair. Possible choking hazard, caution is advised.

Crime Scene Clean up: Running of vacuum daily, plus changing of filters in the central air/heater. Windows open as the weather allows

Conclusion: During shedding season, no one is safe from the fur. *sigh*


VeganCraftastic said...

Best of luck with Weight Watchers, I've been doing it online for a few years and it works great for me. They have lots of great recipes online, the baked falafel sandwiches are a staple in my house :)

JavaNut said...

Great to hear of you WW plan and partnering with Boo... that makes such a big difference. I've contemplated going back to WW, but first goal is to start moving more.

And laughing at your suspects while being so grateful the pup doesn't shed at all!