31 March, 2010

Random Dozen

1. How do you feel about the marshmallow Easter Peeps?

I am not a fan of marshmallow anything.

2. Chickens are notoriously nervous creatures. When you are nervous, what is the best way to calm down?

When crap goes down that I am nervous about, I Knit. Seriously, it takes my mind off problems and allows me to think.

3. People say, "April showers bring May flowers." Do you enjoy Spring rains?

Yes, Love a good light rain. Here in Michigan we never get light rains, but thunderstorms instead and I am not a huge fan of those.

4. When I was randomly flipping through TV channels this week, I saw a show in which tattoo parlor employees received tattoos of a co-worker's face on their bodies. I can't imagine having a portrait of a colleague tattooed on me. But if someone forced you to receive a portrait tattoo (face only) of anyone, who would it be? Why?

This would not be a choice that I would make. I could do both my kids in baby caricature if I had to, but really...REALLY???

5. Would you rather have a tattoo (any kind) or a nose ring?

No bugger glitter for me. I do want a tattoo of a yarn ball with needles and a crochet hook. I was going to get it when I turned 40, but the money was needed elsewhere. Maybe when I turn 45.

6. Do you have any special plans for Easter?

No, not really. Both kids are working on that day and I think the Sarge and I might go out for brunch.

7. Cadbury Eggs or Reese Eggs?

Cadbury mini eggs or caramel eggs, but not the yucky gooey cream eggs.

8. What was the last thing/person you took a picture of?

My swap package

9. What book are you reading now, or what was the last one?

The new spin off magazine is by my bed for reading tonight.

10. What do you think is the most difficult task when it comes to Spring cleaning?

Cleaning. My house is a disaster that as much as I try to throw everything away, it seems to keep multiplying. I want to live a non cluttered life, I just have too much crap to do so.

11. How many pairs of flip-flops do you own?


12. Which color makes you happiest?

Pink. It makes me smile.

Bonus Joke :

Why did the Easter egg hide?

He was a little chicken!

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