17 April, 2010

Call me

Well, maybe you shouldn't.

Sarge and I had been talking about getting me a new cell phone for a while. Yes, we have to talk about these things. My phone is 6 years old, does not have internet, does not have a camera and is tiny enough that I love it. Even more so because Sarge had bought me skin for it that is all pink, has hearts and just says "me" all over it. I really didn't want a fancy phone but still we talked about upgrading.

old phone

Then last week my phone failed me. It still works, but it will not hold a charge. I have to recharge it at night. Even with locking the keys and only making small calls or texting, by the next night, it is dead again. So, instead of saying I would get a new phone, I headed off to Radio Shack (the only place I could find that carried the battery) to get a new battery for little phone. Alas, they no longer make the battery. Oh, I could search online or whatever, but I would pay more for the battery than what a new phone would cost. So, with reluctance, I went and looked at new phones.
Now we are really not fancy here. We use a prepaid phone service instead of having a plan. This works well with our family, as we have a home phone and really only use the cells in small bits when we are out and about. I have never been in an area where I did not get service and I hardly ever have calls drop. So, I was not looking to upgrade to a phone with a plan right now, maybe one day.
So, I headed over to the wall with phones from the plan I have and picked out a new flip phone.

new phone

It does have a camera and if I need it, internet all with my minutes. So I go up and buy the phone and a protection plan. I head home happy. Oh, I should say I bought a new phone for Boo at the same time.
When we got home, we decide to transfer Boo's phone number first. We find we cannot do it on the internet as it suggests on the box. I take up the home phone and call customer service. To my surprise, it takes less than 15 minutes to get Boo's phone all transferred over and we try it out. It takes a call and makes a call perfectly. Because it was late and I was tired, I decided to wait on my phone until the morning.
I again try to transfer numbers via the internet, and am again told to call the customer service. I thought, no problem it will be easy. Yeah, I know, famous last words
I call, it takes about 15 minutes again, but the numbers did not change over. The CS Rep told me it could take an hour so call if the transfer did not happen by then. I said okay and hung up. Waited the hour and nothing, so I decided to wait another hour before calling. I then call back to customer service. I was told to punch numbers in my old phone and numbers in my new phone...YES! The minutes and phone number have now moved over to the new phone. Only they did not get removed from the old phone. I am again told to wait and see if in an hour it works out.
After an hour I play a hunch and try calling my phone number from my home phone.
The old phone rings.
I try calling out from the old phone, nothing.
Try calling out from the new phone, it goes through.
I then call customer service back.
They tell me this time to punch in more numbers. I do.
CS Rep tries to call my number, old phone rings.
CS Rep has me call from old phone. Nothing.
CS Rep has me call from new phone. Call goes through.
CS Rep talks to supervisor and I am told it can take up to 72 hours for all transfers to complete. If it does not transfer over by Tuesday, I am to call back with a ticket number they gave me.
So because of this, I have to carry around two phones with me, making sure the old phone is charged. *sigh* Maybe an expensive battery would have been better.

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