10 March, 2010

Random Dozen

So, are you ready to play Plinko?

Definition of plink:

"Plinking refers to informal target shooting done at non-traditional targets such as tin cans, glass bottles, and balloons filled with water."

Plinko is also a carnival game we play at Oneighty, but pot-luck shots fits this meme better, I think.So here are your random plinko questions lined up in a row just like tin cans:

1. How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?

17 years old. They are my Justin boots from when I used to teach line dancing. They are still the best fitting pair of shoes I own.

2. Did you buy Girl Scout cookies this year? If so, what variety?

Yes, though I don’t know what variety my husband ordered from the guy at work. Surprises will happen. huh.

3. Do you know how to ballroom dance? If not, would you like to?

Yes, I love to waltz, jitterbug and tango. I also know how to box step, 4 step, two step and 10 step, but not all of those are ballroom dances.

4. Were you a responsible child/teenager?That would depend on how you define responsible.

I didn’t get caught, that is all I will say.

5. How many of this year's Oscar-nominated movies did you see?


6. If you're going to have a medical procedure done, such as having blood drawn, is it easier for you to watch someone else having the procedure done or have it done yourself?

Have it done myself.

7. What is your favorite day of the week and why?

Monday. Everyone else goes off to work or school and I get my time to clean, knit, crochet, spin…whatever.

8. Do you miss anyone right now?

Yes, My husband. He has been gone too long and the phone calls are too short.

9. Do hospitals make you queasy?

No, they are necessary.

10. At which store would you like to max-out your credit card. Not that you ever would, you responsible person, you.

Any yarn store that I like the product at.

11. Are you true to the brand names of products/items?

Depends. Most times I would say no, but I have to have Kraft mac-n-cheese, Crest toothpaste, Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, Best Foods/Hellmanns mayo and Bumblebee Tuna in water.

12. Which is more difficult: looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when he/she is telling you how he/she feels?

I don’t find either hard. I am one that prefers to look at someone when I am talking to them. OK ... ready, aim, PLINK and LINK!

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