08 March, 2010

New Addition

I love crochet, knitting, spinning and cooking. I talk about all of these hobbies on this blog. However, I have to admit my first love is cars. I grew up with brothers that always had a project car in the garage. We were all working on cars, heading to the races or out racing where we should not have been when we were teenagers. I was one of those girls that took auto shop to learn about fixing cars, not just see sweaty teenage boys and impress. On the Blvd that we used to cruise on In Lancaster, I was "One of the guys" that the guys would come talk shop with, see what was under my hood and be impressed. Now get you mind out of the gutter, I had a car with an over-bored Cleveland engine in it and glass pack out the backside. It talked to you when it idled. That being said, I have been car shopping the last couple of weeks. I was not looking for something flashy this time, more something dependable. I need an AWD or 4WD here in Michigan. We already have a FWD with traction control, but the Sarge wanted me to have something that if I needed to plow the road, I could. On the other hand, I was looking for a smaller car with good gas mileage and not a huge carbon footprint. We were looking at used cars, not new, so I had to take what was out there. After a while of really searching and sitting in numerous cars, from Audi's to Fords, I fell in love with a Subaru. I went on Saturday and bought her. Her name is Kanga (personalized license plate) and she was born in 1998. She has a bit high mileage than I had hopes, but she has had the top end redone, timing belt replaced and wheel bearing redone in the last 10K miles, so after talking the seller down a bit, I feel I got a good deal. It was scary going car shopping and purchasing without the Sarge here, but he was my cheerleader from afar. I hope he is happy when he gets home.

Here are some pictures of Kanga:

Kanga from the front

Dark Green with Dark Grey exterior

Kanga Side view
Tinted windows and good tires

Kanga from the back


The interior is darker than these photos shows. She does have heated Leather for the front

Kanga's Pouch
Her pouch has a cover, a net and a rubber mat that can be removed


Seats 5 with belts but 4 comfortably


JavaNut said...

Congrats!! Love Kanga and so glad you have that behind you...

dnaprice said...

Mmm pretty. I like the new vehicle.