11 March, 2010

The problem with Gnomes

Spring cleaning is happening here and I was able to give away some things on freecycle, take bags of stuff to Goodwill and throw out even more. Where does all the crap come from? I didn't have money to buy more this past winter, so I am going to blame it on gnomes that live under my house. I think I need to make peace with them so they will stop pushing crap up onto my carpet (I swear I vacuum, it just doesn't ever look like it) and adding dust bunnies under my tables is just mean of them. I also need to tell them I don't need anymore hand me down furniture or clothes. It all has to go!!

I think I will invite the gnomes to tea.

I had planned to have photos of my WIPS today. I my head it worked out that I would be able to get something done this week and move along with my projects. Well, life got in the way and I am not exactly sad about that.

I am still researching wheels for that special for me one that will fit my life style and spinning now, while growing with me over the years. I want to be able to try out my wheel before I buy her and that limits me some.

I am also looking for a small kitchen island with two stools. My dining room became a computer room about two years ago. We normally eat off our coffee table, but I am getting new furniture and the set comes with glass tables. Not something that I want to move around and eat off of. I found this set and this set that I am looking at. Not making up my mind until after next pay day though.

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~RaenWa~ said...

I have the same problem I swear between Spring cleanings the stuff always seems to multiply. I like the second set better with the saddle seat & love the color. Can't wait to see which one you choose.