02 March, 2010

It doesn't take much

To keep a man happy. At least my man.
He requested another U.S.Army scarf over a year ago. His old one was getting a bit worse for the wear and I thought I could do a better job on the letters.
Here is the old one

US Army Scarf

I started the new one back in December of 2008

SGT's Scarf

I then got busy knitting and crocheting other items and this got pushed to the back burner.
Sarge was not impatient, yet every time I started something he would ask when his scarf would be finished. I should have received the clue that he Really wanted it, but I kept putting it off. Why, I have no idea. It was a bit fiddly to crochet up because of the bobbins and four colors, but really it is just single crochet and a graph.
So, I challenged myself to finish it as part of my Olympic crafting.

The first night I sat down to crochet on this, I worked on it for about 2 hours and I was part way through the letters


The second night I spent about three hours on it and plowed through all the letters


During the closing ceremonies I finished the scarf

Sgt Scarf

This scarf is about eight inches longer than the first one and I am much happier with how the words turned out. I still need to wash and kill it before it will be worn.

Sarge is off at training right now. I hope he likes it when he gets home.


Anonymous said...

The scarf looks terrific! He's going to love it!!

knittinwolf said...

Looks fabulous!:)