23 February, 2010

What you set in motion is not always the end result

Sweet Nothing socks from the Joy of Sox book caught my eye enough that just because of this pattern, I bought the book. I wondered why a lacy sock was made with dk weight yarn, but went with it and bought the yarn, beads and a new set of needles.

I then started the sock

Sweet Nothings

I was happy with the socks, but wondered if 42 stitches would stretch around my ankles. I am not used to making socks with dk weight yarn and I normally do 64 stitches in sock weight. But again, I went with the pattern.

Then came the heel flap. The way the pattern was written, I should have repeated the pattern 5 times. Each pattern repeat is almost an inch. This would make the heel flap almost 5 inches long. Yeah...No! At most I need 2 1/2 inches. So I figured I needed to shorten it up some and I tried to play with the numbers and make the math work. Lace is not my main knitting. I can do it when I need to, but I did not want to redesign this sock in the amount of time the Olympic knitting gave me.


So, I guess I wiped out in the Knitting Olympics with the Yarn Harlot. I am also eliminated from the fun at my LYS as this was the yarn I bought there.

Agony of deFeet

On the other hand, this allowed me to collect the Aerial Unwind medal in the Ravelympics.

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