06 January, 2010

A Step in the Right Direction

An old wives tale states that what you do on New Year's day is what you will do all year long. Therefore, I took that into account when I decided to vacuum, do dishes and do laundry. My husband loves me but he dislikes that I am not a great housekeeper. This has been a step in the right direction for me, as I want to get clean and organized. One room at a time, while keeping the cleaned stuff from becoming cluttered again.

What room do I start with?

Well, you know me *big grin*

Before I moved anything out, this is what my Crap...er..Craft room looked like.

Crap room

Fiber Falldown

 I  had a lot more fiber stuff squirreled away than I anticipated.

Fiber put away

I found that I had sort of fallen down when it came to buying fiber last year. Okay,  it was my first year spinning but wow. Only one drawer is open, but all three are filled.

Yarn bagged up

I sorted and put in totes and bags the yarn that I had found.

I am not finished with the room yet, I need to assemble the table (Sarge either took or hid the tool box) and it needs to be vacuumed, but that was a big project for today. Finished pictures soon.


bethanyg said...

I love taking pictures of the room I'm attacking. It helps me see it in a whole new way. I need to be snapping some photos here reallllly soon!

Happy Organizing!

Anonymous said...

See now, because of that tale, I purposely did NOT clean or cook! I don't want to be stuck doing these chores all year! heehee