10 January, 2010

Hitting the Books

Thursday started the Winter 2010 quarter at my college.

Last year my husband was going to school at the same time and he was able to drive back and forth for me. Now, with the military taking over our life a bit more than normal, he has decided not to go to college for a while, so I am taking online classes.

College Winter 2010

Online classes are always hard for me, as I am not the greatest at time management.

When you go to college, you have your time planned for you. You have class time, lecture time, group time, lab time, whatever. When you do online classes you have life time, home time, chore time, kid time, husband time and you need to work in class time. Needless to say I always feels stressed for time when I don't have it planned out.

So, taking that in hand, I am trying to write out a schedule that I can comply with in my life that keeps me on track for school as well as still doing what I need to around the house.

The two classes I am taking are Personal finance and Philosophy of Ethics. I think it will be a hard, but fun six weeks.

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auburnchick said...

Ahh...good luck with the online classes! That is how I finished my last two years of college, and I LOVED it! I think you will find there is a lot of flexibility, which is a must for a mom and wife. In addition, you are going to save a ton of money on gas and even more time because you won't have to drive back and forth.