05 January, 2010

Ah-ha moment

Lately my mind has been fuzzeled. I know it's not a word, but work with me here. I have been flitting from one part of my life to another just trying to figure out where to go next. Too much on my to-do list, too many pans on the fire, what ever you want to call it, that is how I have been feeling.

My ah-ha moment came when I read this blog post.

I am not going to stop going on line, as that is a part of who I am, but I can cut out some of the static in my life and get back to doing what I enjoy, when I enjoy it.

Have a static free day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one believe that fuzzled is a word...just a variation of fuzzy...such as "fuzzy brain."

Now, regarding static and what-not...I went to the link you posted.

I think people's problems stem from too much "looking within" instead of looking to The One for guidance. Everyone has an opinion about everything. God has the only opinion that matters. Once we start seeking His views and direction for our lives, then we find joy and confidence in our lives.

Hugs, my friend.