01 November, 2009


Yes, I fell in with the crowd. I am going to make a sweater, for myself in a month. OK, I want to do it in less than a week, but I can call it what I want. Right? Right.

I started the sweater this morning. I am using Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks in Grass. I have 22 skeins, we will see how many I use.

Here is what I got done today.


Before I started the sweater, I finished the Cherry Mustard Scarf and blocked it.

Cherry Mustard blocking

Yes, it is blocking hanging on my wall. I had it on the blocking board, but the cats love the wool so much they would not leave it alone. I can't blame them, it is my hand spun and I also love it. This is my first time really knitting with yarn I have made myself and I am eager to do this more often.

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