02 November, 2009

The "S" Word

Today has me thinking of my family and how we are a mix of people, raised in different generations by the same parents. The mom I knew was not the mom my oldest sister grew up with. My mom had raised a bunch of kids and was a bit more relaxed with me than what she was with the oldest in the family. I "got away" with things that I am sure my parents had already dealt with and just didn't feel the need to cause a stink about it with me. Other things, I knew better than to try because of what happened to my older siblings.
My sister had a mom who was a widow, had to open her own printing business and become a seamstress to keep her two children fed. My mother ran the household, my father went out each day and brought home the money in which to run it. Yet, we grew up with the same parents.
Yes, My dad was her dad. We did not use that dirty "S" word. You know step. Shh it is a bad 4 letter word (in my opinion). This went into my family as the way you raise kids. Yes, my sister's husband has kids that she did not give birth to, but they are her kids, just ask her. This is just like my husband who has helped me raise our kids. He is not the biological father, but ask him whose kids they are and he will fight you tooth and nail that they are his. I am also thankful that my husband feels the same way about that "S" word as I do. Ask my kids, he is Dad.

I know others do not feel the same way about this word as I do, but really, if you get married, you are a family. Why put labels and ostracize because of a silly little 4 letter word. My father had many kids. Only 4 of them did he "father" but to all of us, he was dad.

I don't know why I chose to talk about this, other than I am missing mom and dad, my family are all across the nation, in other states and I am feeling a bit of "family sickness". Not home sick, but just missing the way my family feels about me. Accepting who I am, problems, issues, attitude and all. I am planning next year to get around and see a lot of them on my vacation from life.


Talking about kids, Boo decided to go as MJ for Halloween. She grew up with his music as I love it and chose to have fun with dressing up as him this year.


Hope you have a great family day.

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