31 October, 2009

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween.

When I was little it was always a day we looked forward to. One filled with fun, a bit of fright and tons of imagination.

This year we will hand out candy to all the good and bad goblins that come to our house. We are lucky enough to live in an area that gets lots of trick-or-treaters. The candy stash is at the ready, just waiting for tonight's hordes to come.

This last month I have been busy trying to catch up on my reading for 52 in 52. I have read the new Dan Brown book Lost Symbol, The new Diana Gabaldon book An echo in the Bone, Sherrilyn Kenyon's books Acheron, Bad Moon Rising and have started Born of the Night.

I love the Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter and Were-Hunter series. Yes, I am a sap for a good romance filled with gods, myth and powerful beings. Unlike Twilight (sorry I couldn't get into that series) this is for grown ups. If you care to read them, the chronological order for reading is a bit different than how the books were published and really they should be read in order. You can find the list here

Oh, After all the candy is done for the night, remember to set your clock back. It is the end of Daylight Saving Time.

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