15 October, 2009

Apple Butter Day 2

I woke up to the most wonderful smell this morning.
Pre stir

I think the apples reduced by 2/3, I used a hand mixer (not blender) to smooth the cooked sauce last night, before heading to bed. I did not add any cloves or granulated sugar. It is not too sweet and I love the taste.

Apple Butter

This is what is left after 6 ice cube trays were filled. About 1 cup in a Tupperware dish.

Ice trays with AB

I have normally used jelly jars, but I don’t have any anymore.
I will let them freeze until I am back from college, then pop them into a Ziploc. Able to use later in small amounts for toast, sauce or however.

I had it on Whole Wheat toast along with oatmeal for breakfast. YUMMY!!

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