14 October, 2009

Apple butter

3 pecks of apples

I discovered that I would not have time to go apple picking this year. Instead I headed to the local Farmers Market this morning and picked up 3 pecks of apples. The top left apples are for pies, crisps and fritters. The the top right for apple butter and the bottom bag you can hardly see is Honey Crisp, which are great for munching on.

Naked Apples

I took the bag for apple butter and made naked apples (this is just a few). I peeled all of the apples in that bag and mixed the red apples ( forgot name) and the green pippin to get a sweet butter with a bit of a tart overlay.

Cored and sliced

Then I cored and sliced the apples with my apple cutter. It filled up most of my 6qt Crock Pot.


I added seasonings, had to substitute powdered sugar for granulated, but I think it will be OK.


Then I set it to cook on low for 12-16 hours (tomorrow morning) when I will finish the story of the apple butter.

On knitting- I finished my Fall Fingerless mitts. I have enough yarn left over to make up a second set. I think I will give them as a Christmas gift this year.

Finished Fingerless Mitts

But this set is for me!

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knittinwolf said...

Yum that looks soooo good!