23 July, 2009

Insert Foot

Have you ever had one of those days where every time you open your mouth you feel like your licking your toes? This have been one of those months for me.
So, I decided to step away from the blog for a week or two and let my life get back to normal.
In the mean time, I have read two books for college, three for pleasure and have now caught up on my 52 in 52. I have so far read 29 books this year.
I also finished the Little Black Cardigan I was working on. It did not come out like the pattern and with a bit of creative flair, I now have a cardigan that I can wear two ways.
Lapel lookClosed look
I picked up big buttons for the top part and little black buttons for the bottom, I will get better photos tomorrow ( and yes I need to polish my bathroom mirror)

I have also done a bit of spinning, I finished up my BLF that I have named Cherry Chip. Cherry Chip

I started on Vee's room, some beginner wool I was given in a swap. I still have oodles left to spin up.
Vee's Room Yarn

I have Myra almost completed. I think another 3 or 4 inches of the rib pattern and I can cast off.
This weekend I have midterm assignments and more reading.
Back to normal- well as normal as I can allow.

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