13 July, 2009

The 4th and an art project

We had a grand time at the 4Th of July festivities here in Grand Haven.
We had enough people that next year we need to plan two blankets.
We had myself and the Sarge

Bear, his GF and the grand babies
Little Z had her first taste of watermelon- not sure if she liked it.
Baby Z- First watermelon

Boo, her BF (not pictured, not sure why) and her Friend

Deborah and her son

and Sarge's mom- aka MIL.

We took coolers, had dinner talked laughed and enjoyed the day.
God had to give us his presentation of colors before the show took stage. 100_6658
It was an awesome fireworks display once again.

We waited around after until the crowds got off the street then finally made it home about 2am. Yep this is what we looked like:After the 4th

It has been a busy week since. I crafted some but was mostly busy with reading for class and enjoying the week with the Sarge. We went for walks almost every night, sometimes downtown, sometimes just around the neighborhood.
I did have an art project due in class on today, so this past weekend, I crocheted up a hammock and a shawl in doll size. Then I borrowed my MIL's birdcage and came up with this:

Creole Cage- Fluttering wings

I call it Creole Cage--A Fluttering of Wings.

It is based on a scene in the book The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

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dnaprice said...

very cool art project.