02 May, 2009

Welcome May, mini rant.

Today I feel happy. I think it has to do with a few days of sunshine and a bit warmer weather.
Last week I spun up some merino I am calling Spring Skies Spring Skies
This is what I dyed with the Easter Egg left over dye. I broke it into finger top strips and am loving how it reacts now that I have a more manageable amount of fiber when I spin. I hope to spin a bit more today but we shall see.
This last week I went to the doctors and was told that with all my problems a complete hysterectomy was what I needed to get back to Normal with my body. I was shuffled off to another doctor that specializes in doing this, and met with him on Thursday. All I can say is I hope he is a lot like my knee surgeon and is better in the OR than in the office. When I go back to him this Thursday for my pre-op appt, I will be taking the Sgt with me.
Note here: We have an odd relationship, we are married but independent at the same time. I know that for military families this is pretty normal , as we have to be able to survive with the other half of the partnership for months on end. I have been asked many times about how I DEAL with my husband being gone weekends or such, and I just asked the person asking how they handled having their spouse around all the time. To have a doctor look at me and tell me to talk a procedure over with my husband and contact him in a week of it is a go, kind of bothered me. It is my body. Yes, The sarge and I had already talked stuff over and his words were, "do what you think is best for your body", he is behind me like I am behind him. I am tired of other men thinking that I have to have "permission" from my husband to do things (oil changes in the car, did you ask your husband if it is time?). Does my husband have to ask me for permission? Does anyone ever say "ask your wife"? Sorry, just a mini rant. Surgery is slated for the 12th at 9am and I could be in the hospital for 1 to 3 days. Recovery will take a bit but I am stocked up on yarn and have two 10 page reports to do for college. I will be busy.
Okay I said I was in a good mood, LOL. Guess I need to vent more than I thought.
Today, while my daughter is at work, I will stay uptown and either hit a bookstore or knit at the coffee shop. I might even stop at the ceramic shop and see if there is anything I like and paint for a few. Just me time, relaxing and enjoying a sunny May day.


BammerKT said...

Would it make you feel better to know that my husband's doctor asked me if I was cool with it before he had "the big V"? I don't think the doctor would have stopped the procedure if I had said "no", and we were only dating at the time.

Hugs anyway. It's a hard decision to make, but hopefully it will make you feel a lot better!

Bobbi said...

I agree with your rant - permission, shermission. I'm looking at the same procedure in the not-too-distant future.Your spinning is beautiful! The dye job is gorgeous.
(my ex husband left because I didn't have his permission to buy a car - but of course he didn't have my permission to sleep with the bimbo from work!)

AllyB said...

Good luck with the surgery. I got a whole new life when I had mine. Wish I had insisted on it years sooner.