27 April, 2009

Out Damn Spot!

No really, why do the cats like to play in the trash can next to my desk? No food goes in there, only paper, but they like to climb in and sit or lick the can.
Throwing out the cat
Maybe I just have weird cats.


Megan said...

One of my cats does the same thing! I think it's the idea of having a little cave or something.

Jillsknit said...

Chief (18 lb kitty) likes to sit in shoe boxes that would barely fit the 9 lb kitty. Go figure.

fleegle said...

There's no accounting for cats, as you probably know. They always do weird things :)

Still thinking about the Babe. Everyone on the Yahoo list calls it a beginner's charkha. I get the feeling that's Bosworth snobbery. What do you think?