16 May, 2009

Recovery Time

As most of you know I went in for a hysterectomy last Tuesday. I was home that night and have been recuperating this last week. My husband carried on the tradition of a new stuffed animal to help me through my recovery, meet Sam.Sam the Bear
Deborah was wonderful and came down to be with the Sgt while I was in surgery and stay a night while he went to work, just so I wouldn't be alone in case of problems. I am so thankful for her friendship. She gave me bee bars to help the healing process. Bee Bars
The larger one is a bar you pop into your hand, let warm and rub, it turns into oil to smooth your skin and help keep scars supple. The little one is tangerine flavored bee lip butter. Yummy!
Let the healing begin:
At first, I was in bed, on my side and the only outside stimulus I could handle was my iPod and podcasts. Then I asked for my laptop to be brought to me and was able to get on the computer in between sleeping off the meds I had to kill the pain. The next day I was able to sit up some, get caught up on the 3 weeks of NCIS I had missed and knit a little.
Today I am feeling okay. Yes, I am still sore, no I am not running a marathon, but I am able to come out of the bedroom cave and sit on the couch to knit a bit. I am watching Mad Money and enjoying being out of bed.
Last night I decided I was being silly. The first project out the gate of having all my baby making ability surgically removed, was to knit a baby blanket! Am I insane? I am not upset I can't have anymore kids, heck I am almost done raising the ones I have and hope they both move on soon. I love my kids but I am so looking forward to being able to go and do what I want when I want that not having more is not something I am crying over, Believe me! But it was just funny that that is what I took to the hospital to cast on. Yes, one day the blanket will get finished, I know a lot of younger women who are pregnant and need blankets and I do still knit/crochet for P-CAP.
Right now though, I cast on for a Classic Silk A-Line Tunic designed by Joelle Meier Rioux in the Curvy Knits book from Classic Elite Yarns. I am not going to use the silk yarn though, I decided on Artesanal from AslanTrends in a grey/blue/green color. (This is yarn I picked up on the road trip with Deborah, I bought it at ThreadBear.) I am loving it. I decided I do not want the inch of ribbing at the bottom, so I changed it to seed stitch. I think that will be my only changes in the tunic.
A-line Tunic
Also while laid up this week, I received my Tea Swap (Prepare for Mothers Day) from the M/A group in Ravelry. KCatt79 was my swap partner this time and she sent me a bag of loot. Perfect for cheering me up.
She sent a skein of Sassy Stripes ( I've never tried this yarn) a skein of brown heathered wool, patterns for a cup cozy, pot cozy and a recipe for Anise Seed cookies ( brings back memories of my friend Yvonne). Along with that sent sent a book by my favorite author and a bunch of French Vanilla Tea ( YUM!)
Thank you so much, the package will be much enjoyed.

Well, I think that is it for me today, I am headed back to bed for a pain pill and a nap.


My name is Lori said...

Glad you're mending well and takin' it easy :)

Lisa said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!