24 May, 2009

A week and a new outlook

This has been a long week. A week of easy frustration on my part, by not being able to be done what I feel needs to be done in the house. A week of feeling a bit better but knowing that I should not over tax my body and be laid up even worse. A week of learning more about myself than I did the week before:

In Knitting:

• I can only knit so much before you are bored with everything you are knitting.
• I can only cast on so many things before you feel overwhelmed and rip them all back out.
• I can look at patterns all day long and not find anything I am interested in making.

In Life:

• I really want to exercise. (Yes, this came as a shock)
• I really want to get active and healthy (no shock here, determination has surfaced)
• I never want to step on a scale and see the number I saw on Friday again!

1 comment:

Vicky said...

Coggie, I have been in your place several times (open heart surgery, gastric bypass, hysterectomy and 2 pacemakers, all between the ages 42-48), all prior to taking up knitting and know exactly what you are feeling. I could only read or watch so much TV and sleep until I was about to go crazy. Just remember this to will pass and the housework and all will always be there. This is the one time you have 'permission' to do nothing but take care of yourself and like you said, if you overdo, you will be worse off than you are now. I will keep you in my prayers for patience during the rest of your recovery.