10 May, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I want to wish all mom's a happy Mother's day whether your children are two legged or four.
My daughter bought me two flowering plants, a Begonia and a hybrid lily. The cats decided they had to investigate.
Lots of sniffing

Cats want plant
And more sniffing

There pretty momma
Tut says momma they are pretty!

Mother's Day Lily
I agree with Tut

This is proof that cats do sniff flowers.
He was sniffing flowers
Mr. Spot is covered in pollen

In the mail yesterday I received my Monthly Adventures $5 swap 3/4 from Jinann on Ravelry. Swap 3/4 MA group
I love the buttons, they read: "Sweaters: $5.99* some assembly required", "Knitters: You can't pull the wool over our eyes." and "Knitters: We'll keep you in stitches."
The fruit leather is perfect and the dark chocolate will put the Sgt in a good mood for a couple of days. I can't wait to make up the market bag and the doodle pad will certainly come in handy. Thank you so much.

I also got my package from Grafton Fibers. I had ordered myself a pair of Darn Pretty Needles, in pink, for Mother's Day. Darn Pretty Needles sz 2

and to finish up:
Here is the picture of the pocketbook slippers I promised: Pocketbook slippers

Happy Mother's Day momther. Thank you for teaching me the crafts that I have become so passioniate about. I know that where ever you are on this wonderful day, you are looking down and knowing that I think of you every time I pick up a needle or hook. I miss you.

Again Happy Mother's Day to you as well.
Thank you for reading.

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dnaprice said...

A wonderful tribute to your mom. Happy Mother's day Coggie.