23 April, 2009

What I have learned

This quarter in college, I am taking two night classes. Both are more lecture than hands on and both are interesting, but at the same time boring. I think the boring part is because a lot of what I am being taught is stuff I already know, but I don't know enough to pass the tests to just clep out of the classes.
Last quarter I took online classes because of my surgery. I could have just not gone to college for a quarter, but I want to get this done, so I took classes. It hurt my brain badly, no more online for me. Each quarter before this that I have been back in school, I have taken daytime classes with an occasional nighttime class thrown in.
What I have learned, I like daytime classes.
During the day, people are upbeat and looking forward to the rest of the day. This is who I am, I like to smile, have fun and enjoy learning. What is the point if you are not enjoying yourself?
At night, people are okay, but tired from a day at work and just want to get it over. No smiles, just grunts and over all not pleasant. They want to get home, make dinner and go to bed. Not that the people are mean or anything, it is just a different crowd. Not a chatty bunch at all.
I am chatty, yes, I said it, I talk too much!
Another thing this quarter that I am not enthused with is I cannot knit in class. Most times, I have no problem knitting in class and the instructors do not have a problem with it either. I am not sure if it is because I have two male teachers, but neither of them said ok when I asked. It is their class and I abide by their wishes, but I am a kinetic learner (I learn better when I am doing something) so, I doodle instead, yeah productive. One is a lecture class with very little note taking and the other is a class that we are being show you tube videos with the lights off most of the times. For me this is like watching TV without my knitting, it just plain sucks. Not to mention that my socks are not getting finished.
I think from now on I am going to take the winter quarter off instead of the summer, because I hate driving in the winter and I am going to sign up for daytime classes.
This is what I learned in college this week. Gee, that was worth the money wasn't it?

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annmarie said...

After you've had an assessment or two in the classes and you've demonstrated that you're doing the work, could you maybe have another conversation with the profs and ask them to consider letting you knit? I'd tell them that you begin doodling during the lectures and still are able to retain the information. Tell them that knitting for you is just doodling with string.