27 April, 2009

Junior Prom

Saturday was Prom night here. We spent most of the afternoon getting Boo all glammed up for the dance.

Yep she has A LOT of hair! It took about 3 hours for the up-do.

It was the 1st ever up-do for the hair stylist at the beauty school, so we told her we would take lots of pictures to give her for her portfolio. She did a good job, but the "Bump" was a little high in the front, we fixed that when we got home.

What I did while she was getting her hair fixed...
I finished sock one of the Vanilla sockease socks and started sock two.

Here she is all dressed up and ready for a Dance in Paris

We would have taken nice photos outside, if it hadn't been raining buckets at the time. No beach shots, no shots by the tree, just indoor mundane shots. Sorry.
I need to get a hold of my daughters camera for the rest of the prom photos.

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Heidi said...

She looks gorgeous! They both looked fantastic! Big hugs :)