22 April, 2009

Earth Day

Happy Earth day!

When I moved to Michigan 10 years ago come December, my future in-laws told me I was a bit "Granola" for them. I was a tree hugger from California who was a vegetarian at the time and I was all into the environment and how we can make it better. Yea, one winter here and that blew up in my face. I am trying to get back to my roots again and this last year we really decided to crack down on wastefulness here in our house. I try to incorporate little things into daily life and yes, even throw in a meal or two that is vegetarian once in a while.

This my be a tree hugger holiday, all "man made" up but, I hope everyone celebrates in one way or another.

Mother nature graced us with a sunny but chilly earth day , so I am not doing much outside today. I am taking stock of things I have changed in the last year in order to be a better tourist on this planet we call home.

  1. Reusable grocery sacks. I try not to use the plastic ones from the stores, but if I do, I recycle them back at the store.

  2. more efficient light bulbs, we have changed most in the house lights to these, but will not change the rest until needed.

  3. Only full loads. Both dishwasher and washing machine/dryer. I wish I could hang clothes, but not allowed where I live.

  4. Vinegar as a cleaner, air freshener, add to salt for a scrub..you name it I love vinegar and it is better for the environment.

  5. reuse, redo, recycle. In that order.

  6. reusable lunch containers instead of brown bags

  7. shredded paper goes to MIL for compost pile.

  8. buy in large amounts and freeze, cook once eat 3 meals.

  9. map out errands and clump them together

  10. Look at your carbon footprint when buying goods.

I am sure there are more, but around here those are the top ten. I didn't put them in any particular order, but it is what we are able to do.

What are yours?

1 comment:

auburnchick said...

Oh, I LOVE your post today (not that I don't like the posts on other days).

I do hang my clothes...but in the garage due to three furry friends who would have a field day in the back yard.

We are trying not to run our heat or air unless we're at that point where we're about to kill each other (rather, the family is about to strangle me for being a penny-pincher). Keeping the blinds closed during the day helps with the summer heat, just as keeping them open gets the house a little warmer during the winter.

I'm trying to get the kids to turn off the lights or keep them off when they don't need them.

We have also started unplugging things like the toaster oven, laptops, and other stuff when they are not being used.

The kids and I ride to school together on the days that I sub.

I think where we'll improve is by thinking ahead...making conscious decisions NOT to buy things that aren't packaged in green packaging.

Anyhoo...your list was very practical! Thanks for posting it!