20 March, 2009

My mind wanders

Lately my mind has been racing about, not just thinking of one thing but bouncing from task to task and thought to thought with little to no pattern anywhere to be seen. I am not sure why I am so antsy or cannot calm myself, but that is how I am these days.
The thoughts run from what to wear in the morning to what to make for dinner to should I plan a grocery list soon...What song is on the radio, who sings it, should I watch that new show that is coming on TV. YAY new books, which one should I start, oh a new pattern, hmm do I have the yarn that will go with that to make the prefect (whatever) or should I check online to see what others are doing.
Really this is what went through my head about 5 minutes ago. all over it. It seems since coming home from the road trip, I just cannot relax.
Today I have done 4 loads of laundry, blocked my clapotis, spun up some beginner wool that was sent to me in the Spinner Swap on Monthly Adventures.
Thank you to my KittyChan for the wonderful box. ma spinning swap
The Beginners wool is like butter I can't wait to knit with it. I hope to get enough to make up a shawl. The merino top kind of scares me, but I will jump in with both feet soon. The Noddy is perfect, you have no idea how many I looked at while on the trip and set back down because I knew they would not make the trip well in my suitcase. The journal will come in handy for spinning as well. Thank you again.

Oh another mind wander.
Last year I knitted sweaters like mad. This year it seems to be a shawl thing going on here. I am liking it, but I really do need to finish the SGT's NYCO and Boo's CPH. *sigh* there are just not enough hours in a day...or I am just a selfish knitter.

I want a cookie. Maybe I need to bake some tonight. I have oatmeal..ohh no peanut butter . mmmm maybe get some ice cream and make snookies instead.

See I told my mind was off today...

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Arlene said...

Oatmeal cookies sound sooo good right now. Oh, and what's a snookie? love your blog,
Arlene (stitchnscrap on ravelry)