23 March, 2009

A Little less crooked

Now that I have had down time from the vacation, my head feels a little less crooked.

I got to open my Say Goodbye to Winter Swap package while recording the podcast on Saturday.
I had the most wonderful spoiler, Anita.
She sent me :

  • Camel for spinning

  • Two hats for C-Pap

  • A pink ink pad and Sheep stamp for letterboxing.

  • Chocolate covered espresso beans

  • Chai Spice tea

  • 9" Hiya Hiya circs

  • A Tote that says " So much yarn, so little time"

  • A Leather Journal

What a wonderful swap box,thank you so much. It was well worth the wait.

The Sarge and Boo finished up her room, except for the steam cleaning, which is my part. She likes bright colors, I just wonder how she is going to sleep in it.100_6144100_6143

We need to replace the blinds

Boo's Room Colors

And put back on the switch plates.

I also finally got the photos of all my loot from the trip. Wow, I didn't think I bought this much, but hey, I promised the Sarge that I would use it all, it will not become stash.


and the books, part are what Anita gave me when we met up. I am finishing the one I was reading on the trip before I dive into these.

Reading from the trip

More photos, sorry these are all heavy, I finished the " I do not have the clap"-Clapotis

Here is my MIL wearing it.MIL wearing  ClapotisWearing the clapotis

Finally, King Tut is telling me to hurry, he wants to play, so I am off

Tutter Love


Lori said...

Wow -- that's one bright room! That camel fiber looks yummy :)

~RaenWa~ said...

I like how the room came out. The Chai tea is wonderful.