19 March, 2009

Monday on the road

Monday started out a little later than we have been going each day. We left out of Columbus at 930am headed for Knitch in Atlanta100_6068.
Careful or the Knitting bug will get you as you walk in Knitting bug

Kathy (Mountainpurl)on Ravelry had given me the heads up that we wanted to go there. Boy was she right. Kim the owner was wonderful.100_6071
Very helpful with pointing out fibers and types of yarns. They are a southern distributor for Bluemoon fibers, so you all know I just had to purchase a skein of Raven socks that rock in Valkyrie.100_6073
I also purchased some locally dyed BFL (the pink/red braid in front )100_6072
and some cashgora fiber, second shelf all the way to the right (a goat that is bred between a cashmere goad and an angora goat that you get mohair from) that I had heard about on the Yarn Spinners podcast . I was able to put my hands in both full Cashmere,(Top shelf all the way to the left) and full cashgora and the podcaster was correct. The only difference was that with the cashmere, your heat radiates back on you where with Cashgora it whisks it away. Both are soft and yummy. I picked up 1 oz of the cashgora to try to spin it.
We went to Atkins Park Restaurant for lunch,100_6075 This is the home of the "Best Burger in Atlanta" though they tried to talk us into chicken n dumplings, we stuck to the burgers.
Very good!

Kim told us about another yarn store around the area, The whole nine yarns and we headed up the HWY to the store. Outside there was another Gazebo, must be the south. I love it! Outside TWNY 100_6079

There we met the owner Debi. 100_6083100_6084
What a lovely lady. We ended up chatting and taking photos and chatting more. Yummy yarn, wonderful patterns and good conversation. She did invite us to spin night, but I had left my wheel at home and we had planned to be in Gatlinburg by nightfall.
We left her shop about 5 pm; both of us want to come back!
Oh, I picked up the 3rd and 4th skein of yarn needed for my Noro 2 row scarf I am working on (yes I finished my Clapotis, so I had to start another road scarf while I was at the hotel). I promise I am not going over my yarn budget and I will knit all of this, it will not become stash yarn.LOL
About the Noro silk garden, other than a bit of VM in a couple of spots, this time knitting with it has not been so bad. It is still not my favorite yarn to knit with, but as this is what hubby ad bought me for our anniversary, I figure I need to make something I will wear with it.

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