19 March, 2009

If it's Tuesday it must be Frankfort

Tuesday on the road again.
After a late night doing laundry and watching a movie, we were up early on Tuesday so we could head into the Smokey mountains to Gatlinburg. I had no idea that we would be going through Pigeon Forge, Dolly Patrons’ hometown and home to Dollywood. Wow , what a tourist trap. I can see why people go though, there are oodles to do for kids and adults. Yes I am a country music fan.
Driving through, we had fog most of the way, when it started to lift the Mountains were beautiful.100_6085
I never knew I missed mountains as much as I do. This trip has been eye opening in that event. 100_6100

We made it to the Smokey MTN spinnery
100_6088 about 10 am and the owner was wonderful. I asked about local wools and she had said they were out.
She did point me to some camel (no I did not buy any) and she showed me some Vicuna100_6096, which was 300+ an ounce, yeah a bit out of my price range.
It was OMG SOFT!! yes, I am talking orgasm inducing fiber.

I did pickup some Shetland wool and a skein of alpaca (over 600 yards) to make something. I also picked up some soap to use for making laundry soap. Yummy smelling, called country kitchen.
Oh, the owner showed me how to comb a top 100_6090 100_6091
and pull finger roving with a diz.
I want a diz now 100_6094 too cool.

Cash Reg
Look at this cash register, yes she used it to ring up our purchases.

After we left and headed back through the mountains100_6101 to Frankfort, KY.

On the way into Frankfort, we stopped at the Travel Welcome center for culture.
So many neat hand made items. There was a spinning display Spinning display
Metal roses 100_6104
and animals. Cat and mouse100_6107Me and a metal moose

We went to The Woolery.
This is a shop that has been online for a while and open since 1981, but is just opening a brick and mortar storefront.
The Woolery
Chris and Nancy Miller, the owners.
The shop is beautiful.
They have their official opening in April and AnitaT works thereAnita and I
(can you tell my back was hurting in these photos?)
It was so great to see her again. We took pictures, I bought smaller bobbins for my Babe, YAY they sell Babe stuff.
(I will be getting my conversion kit from them when I pay off the credit card from the trip)
After going to the store, we went and got a hotel for the night.
Even with all the driving today, this was the most relaxing day of the trip.
AnitaT and her husband came and picked me up and we headed out for dinner. Anita’s friend Paula met up with us at Johnnie Carino’s and we spent a few hours with good food, good conversation and good company.
What a lovely set of people!
After, we headed over to Anita’s house, which BTW is beautiful!
Her “Crap” room is one I dream of having one day. I talked her into opening her box from the swap,100_6120100_6128 and we had a blast. I cannot say enough about this lady, if you ever have the chance to meet her, do so!
Her whole family was very inviting and comfortable.

Disclaimer: I am not a drinker so I am sure I was quite talkative after two drinks, so I apologize for anything I might have said during dinner or after, but man, I needed those drinks.
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.

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