19 March, 2009

Columbus, GA and family weekend

We went to Ft. Benning on Saturday and picked up Deborah's son. He has changed so much. Yes, went in a boy and came out a man. A man a mom and cousin-in-law can be proud of.

I tried to give Deb time with her son without butting in and I had pleanty of homework to get done for college, so that is what I did on Saturday evening and Sunday during the day. Yep, spent time on blackboard for college and knitted. Well, I also talked to the Sgt a couple of times on my little pink phone. BTW, I LOVE my little computer. Yeah, you need an external CD drive at first to get programs on it, (I hardly ever use the disc drive on my regular computer, so no biggie there) but once it is going, it is awesome!

Sunday afternoon, before we took her son back to base, the rain let up *YAY*
We were able to go to the River Walk in Columbus. It is beautiful and full of history. The promenade has plaques and gazebos 100_6044 that relate back to the history of the Columbus area. Very rich in civil war history. I love history and was soaking it all in.
I had never heard of the battle of Columbus, never knew that the confederate flag was once a Naval flag 100_6040 and that the Star Spangled banner was written for the flag that was flown over a fort in this area before it was moved 100_6041. The area houses are beautiful and make me feel like we are walking through a set for Gone with the Wind. (one of my favorite movies)100_6057
Another history note of the area, Coke. Yep the drink. The statue I am standing behind is of the guy who wrote the recipe for Coke Syrup. Too cool.
Here are Deb and her son with the same statue. 100_6063

Some silly person decided to add a bottle of dish soap to the fountain (we found the bottle)

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