04 February, 2009

I've Got Big Balls

Yes, why yes I do!
They did start small, and grew and grew and grew...then they shrank a bit and grew some more and then shrank and got fuzzy.


Fuzzy balls, yes.

Wooly, warm, fuzzy balls of laundry goodness.

Okay I am talking about dryer balls.

I did not make them up but I did it I made some up.

I have been using tennis balls in the dryer when I needed to dry my comforters for a while. On hearing about wool dryer balls From Meghan over on Stitch it! Podcast, I had to make some to replace the tennis balls. Why would a knitter use tennis balls when she has wool readily available at home, or so I thought. Well I had just stash purged as you have read, so I really did not have much in the way of small bits of wool. I was in need so last night I went to Meijer to get a few skeins of Paton’s Classic wool. Inexpensive workhorse yarn. I get to the store and all they have is acrylic.


Only acrylic?
Who the hell thought this up?
We really need to talk to the people who do the buying for a store in the Midwest where white crap falls from the sky... what do you mean no wool!

Today as I was taking the Sgt's car in to get the tire fixed, I stopped by The Needlesmith (LYS here in Grand Haven) and picked up five single skeins of Ella Rae in different colors to make wool balls out of.
I did have a bit left over from MS. Purple Pants, and it was used up as well.
Here are the balls as I made them:

Yes, Mr. Spotters had to inspect them.

And finished

Again Mr. Spotters has to inspect: Mr. Spotters
I think he likes them.

To make your own big wooly balls of laundry goodness, the instructions can be found here.

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Megan said...

It's funny, when I listened to Meghan's podcast, I immediately thought how much fun my cat would have with those laundry balls. It looks like yours enjoyed them too.