06 February, 2009

I want to be me

Step away from the computer...
That is what my brain is telling me these days. I know I am on too much, I need a happy medium. Is there such a thing?
The computer is cutting into my knitting time and I know that if I stepped away a bit more often, I would have a cleaner house. I am not saying I will do without my computer at all, just saying I am going to spend a bit less time on it that I currently am. As of the 19th I go back to college online and will be on here a lot each day. Until then, I want to ease myself away and tackle what needs to be tackled around here. like the papers that need to shredded and the bedroom that needs to be organized. I need to steam clean the kids rooms amongst a bunch of other nitnoid little jobs that need to be done around the house.
I also need to get my emotions back in working order. I seem to be very touchy lately with friends and family. I take things personal that I know are not meant that way and I seem to come unhinged at the slightest little thing. Not in the " I am going to eat your face off" way but in the " I could cry for weeks" way. I am not the me I want to be nor the person I think that I should be. I see it more and more these days, I need to reflect on me and find out exactly who I am and where I want this big ole life to go.

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~RaenWa~ said...

I hope you get back to being the person you want to be. I know how you feel I have been in a super grrr mood the last few days I think its just the weather I am so tired of cold with the dose of doom & gloom here in Wash.