04 February, 2009

I am honored

BellaVillaFarm gave me the honor of presenting me with the Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you so very much.

On her blog she tells that this is because of the inspiration the podcast has given her. I feel I need to share this with Bams, whom without, the podcast and all of the fiber knowledge she imparts on it, would not have happened. She is the reason that each week we sit behind the microphone and blab away about all that we love in the fibery world.

I also have a few blogs and podcasters that have inspired me over time.
  1. Techknitter : The blog where I go if I have a question on how things are done.
  2. Eliza of the LimenViolet podcast has her blog here. As funny as she is on the podcast, her writing style is poignant and captivating.
  3. Meghan of Stitch It! for bringing me on to her podcast and giving me a taste of the fun
  4. BoogaJ for getting me to read blogs in the first place.

I hope you go and check these out.

Thank you again.


BammerKT said...

Nonsense! You don't need to share your award with me. You could be doing the podcast all on your own just as easily. You deserve all of it!

Coggie said...

Girl, Take your award and deal with it !!! ;)