21 January, 2009

What a week

Wow, I didn't mean to not blog for a week. It has been a busy one though and getting a chance to sit at the computer has been hard.

College started last week for the Sgt and my son, my classes don't start until the middle of February. Thank goodness I was able to put mine off that long, it just fell into place.

On Sunday we held a party for my daughters birthday. She turned 17 on the 5th, but we find that is too close to Christmas to hold a party so we always wait a bit longer. It give us time for the invites and time for another paycheck to be able to pay for it. This year she wanted simple, so we rented out the rec-room of the community we live in and just picked up pizzas, sodas, chips and a cake, yay no cooking for me.
See food is all they wanted. Well, games and dancing happened too.

This makes for happy easy going parents.

My son stopped by with his Girlfriend and her kids. This is the pseudo-grand-babies, ages 5, 3 and 1 month

After we cleaned up and got the deposit back for the room, easy peasy, will do it this way again!
On Monday I went in for outpatient surgery. I was at the hospital from 11 am until 7 pm. I am glad all went well so I could go home the same day. I have a problem coming out of general anesthesia, so yay I am home. Well I am home and sore, and not allowed to drive or lift anything over 10 pounds, or bend much, or be on my feet much, so really, I can sit and lift light knitting. OH DARN!

I did finish book 3 yesterday, A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton. These are good quick reads though the plots are really running into each other, There are other ways to find someone other than on the floor dead...I want to read the rest of the series, but I hope the pick it up a little. I do not have the rest of the books in the series though, so I picked up a romance for book 4. Something I can read and fall asleep during and not worry about ruining the plot. I like romances, but to me they are very light reading.

I am thinking of getting a book from iTunes or maybe on CD from the library so I can listen to one. I tried this once and was not that impressed, so I want to try again before I give up on audio books.


Heidi said...

The photo of you and baby is gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better today - enjoy the enforced knitting time :)

Coggie said...

Thank you. Little Zoe is a doll.
I stopped the pain pills yesterday, as I didn't like feeling high, so feeling ok now, still a bit of pain, but getting better.