14 January, 2009

I believe I can ply...

This week on the podcast, Bams spoke about an email she received from Jackie. Jackie Bland is the person who puts out the Fleece Study we have been featuring on the show. Well, she had made a comment in the email about learning to ply by holding two already spun up skeins of different colors together and plying on the spinning wheel. It made sense to me as I used acrylic yarn to help me learn how to draft into my wheel. So, tonight I sat down with "Pinkie Tuscadero" (yes that is my wheels name, she will be painted as soon as the snow goes away) and two skeins of Nature Spun Sport Weight yarn. One in Natural and the other in Limestone.
I was learning how much twist each treadle gave the yarn. How many times the flyer spun per push and how the yarn pulled against the tension I held in my back drafting hand.
About half way through the skeins, I think I got the rhythm of the process. Pull 8-10 inches, hold, treadle 3 times, let spin go up the yarn, start again. Over and over again, very soothing and methodical. I did have a small problem when I had to get up in the middle of this and get my daughter something, but a bit more tension and a little untwist and the yarn was back plying quickly.

The finished bobbin of wool looks good to me
And I was able to get 168 yards of plied yarn

As promised yesterday here is a finished picture of Ms. Purplepants and she fits well. I am thinking of adding another button hole though. The way the blocking came out, I had to dampen it and throw it in the dryer to shrink it back a little. I guess I got too zealous. The buttonhole actually lands a bit low to be comfortable, and I think a second one about 1 3/4 inches up from that one will hold the sweater like I want. I have been happily wearing her today around the house. It is cold here in Michigan!
I do love how the Outback wool feels now that it is washed and has bloomed. If I can find more of this yarn, I will purchase it to make another sweater.


Taleah said...

That's a beautiful sweater!

BammerKT said...

Wow looks like that tip is really getting you a nice even ply!

My Sweet Side said...

Great job ! Beautiful, your very talented.