23 January, 2009

Podcast Love

I am going to try to type this up and not be "poor me" about being laid up from surgery. Life can be much worse than what I have it these days, but as it is not the normal life I lead, I am bored with it and ready for normalcy to reappear.
Anyways what I was saying about podcasts to begin with is I do love listening to them. To me it fills the afternoons with something so much more worthwhile than afternoon soaps that I cannot bare to sit and watch. I know other like them, but not me. Heck, I live a Soap opera, no need to watch one. I have an ongoing love to listen to thing with almost 40 podcasts. Here is a list of what is on my iTunes other than The High Fiber Diet:

Adventures of a funny Hairpin
Betty Crocker Red Spoon Diaries
Cast on
Craft Mentality
Crispy on the outside
Crochetlocket: running with needles
Destiknit(tm) the podcast
Dyeing to knit
Faery knitting
The Hog's Head
It's a purl man
Knaked Knits
Knit Spirit
Knit together
Knits up?
Knit therapy
The knitting cook
Knitting Rose
Knittingatnight's podcast
The manic purl
Never not knitting
Pixie Purls
Podcast Me @ J.Knits!
Ready Set Knit
Secrets of Harry Potter
She-Knits Podcast: The Knitting Circle
Socks in the city
Stash and Burn
Sticks & String
Yarn Thing: Crochet and Knitting

I have updated all of the podcasts I listen to, not many updated this week. Yes, I know you have to schedule into your time the time it takes to sit and talk about life and what have you, but really, if you haven't podcast in a month, please update your show note page to say if you are going to continue or not, so I can take the feed off if you are not. I podcast, I know it is not that hard and does not take oodles of time to make up a three line blog entry to let listeners know if you will be around. Okay, rant over.

Yes, you see I am addicted to podcasts. Really only about 10 update weekly. Some I know are gone, but I keep around listening to occasionally when I need a chuckle.
This week, I have not been able to get my head around knitting much, too much painkiller for anything that take motor skills. So I have lazed around with my book and fallen asleep or been on the laptop or listening to podcasts.
In the past, I have tried other non-craft podcasts such as:
Betty in the sky with a suitcase
This American Life
Fresh Air
Wait Wait don't tell me
And I got bored rather quickly.

I love Sci-fi and history, but have not tried any podcasts in those genera.

So I ask you, are there any other good podcasts that I am not listening to that you think I would enjoy?


Tami Vroma said...

Coggie -
I was out cruisen blogs from Grand Haven and found yours. Its fun to see what is happening in the communities you live life in!
I'm sorry your laid up from surgery. Hope you get better fast!
Your podcast blog was interesting but made me know there is yet something else out there I need to figure out! The list seems to never end! Blessings!

Lori H said...

Thanks for posting a list -- now I have a few to add to my ipod :) A new one that I just started listening to is Fiberlust and it's in itunes :) Always looking for more knitting podcasts -- can't get enough!

My Sweet Side said...

I have no idea how to find podcasts ? could ya help > Sounds like a fun thing to do while knitting.