08 January, 2009

The Sweater

Yes the one I screwed up on. Sweater for the Sgt
This is the sweater that the Sgt insisted on wearing to work over his uniform last night.
Yes, the one that I still need to rip back the button band and knit it so it lays flat.
No he loves it the way it is (I think it is actually too big for him.)
He loves the way it fits his shoulders and the way her can reach inside the lapel and grab his pens easily.
Sigh, I love my husband, but he is showing off my knitting skills in a way I am not sure I like. I so need to grab it from him and re-knit it today, but alas, he left the sweater at work so he can wear it when it gets cold there.
He did tell me that the women in the shop smiled every time they saw him last night and he felt a little weirded out because of that. I didn't have the heart to tell him it is because they thought it was sweet that he would wear an awful sweater that his wife made for him. Sigh

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Jillsknit said...

Ain't love grand!