10 January, 2009

Stash Clean Up

Done [Check]

From 12 totes and many bags, boxes and sacks of yarn, I am now down to yarn I love.

Here is what I have left:
Four totes of stash
4 totes of stash yarn

1 tote bag full of sock yarn stash
1 bag of sock yarn

1 Box full of Spinning stash
Spinning Stash

1 Basket full of UFO's that include The CPH, The Wallaby (I found the yarn), Ms. Purple-pants and the Sgt's scarf.

Last night I knit up few Muppet Pelt scarves out of the fun fur I had left over from projects, I have to finish up the blue one today and these will go to Charity.
muppet pelts

I am also still working on the NYCO

I hope the area stays clean now.
This is the begining of 9 in 09 here. That is 9 items to clean or get rid of each day in 09.
12 to 4 is 8 and then getting it sorted and put away for me equals the other one, so that is my 9 in 09 for today.


Taleah said...

and what did you do with the yarn you do not love? *grins*

BammerKT said...

You could donate it to the people at the class I'm going to teach. They have limited income and I'm gonna donate some, plus I can give a receipt for your taxes ;)

Coggie said...

Taleah I am mailing you two boxes and Bams I still have enough to give you a bunch :)